Passionate About Inspiring Others

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with Real Estate. My father is a builder and since a very young age my direction in life has always been property. From visiting building sites to simply driving down streets searching for ‘that’ property with my family has been a part of everyday life.

I moved every year into a new home growing up, it was simply normal to me, other people couldn’t believe it, but it was actually exciting moving into a new home especially when each home feels like an upgrade. My father literally built a couple of homes, we then moved into one of them then he would sell. He used the profit to pay down any mortgage until there was no mortgage and then started building bigger homes in better locations.


In 2006 I opened up my own Real Estate agency in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast and a couple of years later sold it off as the there was an investor looking to purchase the shop due to the new Light Rail which was running past the shop. I then worked on-site for one of Australia's largest High-Rise Developer's. This was a dream job until the GFC happened and where my knowledge of Real Estate changed forever.

All the units in the three towers I was on were sold, but the purchasers could not settle. The Receivers were appointed, and I was the only staff member in that office to retain my job. Basically, the apartments that didn’t end up settling we resold and resold at a massive discount literally 30-40%. You can imagine how these investors who originally purchased felt! I then went onto another development site in Broadbeach in the same situation but felt really disheartened by the whole apartment scene and wanted to get back into traditional homes that everyday people have always wanted and will always want. I moved onto working for a land developer selling land within the estates and then onto built form providing people with homes ready to move into.


Work has given our family the opportunity to live all over the country and my knowledge of the industry and what to buy is second to none. My passion is to help other people achieve financial freedom through property. Some people are simply moving from one city to another and need someone with expert knowledge to find them that home, and others are looking for an investment property in another city but don’t know where to buy or what to buy. Whatever the situation, let me help you make the right choice.  There is no time like the present to further, or start your real estate journey.