But prices are going to crash !?

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

This is one topic that comes up in general conversation quite often. I must say though that most people who think that the market is going to crash have no idea in the fundamentals of Real Estate.

Just because markets in other countries have crashed in the past does not mean it will happen here in Australia. Sure there are some markets across the country that have recently gone through some pretty dire times like various mining towns, but these are one industy towns with severe undersupply or oversupply of accomodation in booms or busts.

"Prices are not going to crash, they are going to Boom!"

It's not rocket science to me, we have just gone through the biggest economic downturn in our lifetime and how do you think we will recover? I tell you how, The government will need to stimulate the economy and the best way to do this is through the property industry where everyone has a vested interest.

"I was telling people this was going to happen as soon as COVID started?

Being involved in the property we see how the markets react to different economic conditions, after working through the Global Financial Crisis I knew exactly what was going to happen. The government will stimulate the economy like never before and this time Interest Rates aren’t 9% they are already at record lows. With people being able to purchase a property with interest rates under 2% and the goverment handing out First Homes Grants and building grants why would you rent and why wouldn't you buy an investment property!

"Buying the right property now can set you up for retirement"

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