Buy to Rent or Buy to Occupy?

Are you one of the many thousands of people out there currently in the market to purchase?

I hear you, it can be extremely frustrating booking out your weekends to attend open homes only to miss out at Auction and not only miss out but be completely outpriced by not just one purchaser but many.

"My advice would be not to get caught up in FOMO especially when buying a home to live in. Consider purchasing a home as an Investment"

Purchasing a home to live in on a strict budget in a booming market is extremely difficult.

Talking to many people the general consensus out there is that people can see the market going up and will continue to do so and they don't want to miss out on the growth "Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).

"If you are purely purchasing a property for the capital growth then why wouldn't you buy an investment property"

Instead of looking only in your backyard you have the choice of all properties in Australia. There are many markets that are just starting to go up with huge growth opportunities. For example in Perth you can still purchase a house for under $400,000 walking distance to the beach. Yes you read correctly, do the maths on that. With a small deposit you can rent this home out and with the low interest rates on offer the home can even be positively geared.

Ride the wave over the next few years and either refinance using the equity you have gained or consider selling the investment home therefore providing you cash towards purchasing a home to live in when the market in your area has cooled down. And when the market cools down which it will there will be more properties for sale and less buyers and in general you will be able to purchase your dream home not just whatever is available.

Book a consult with us, I can discuss all your options out there. Don't miss out on the gains to be had over the next few years. Be brave and take action.

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