Focus Suburb: Coolangatta

Coolangatta has fast become the Gold Coast's favourite holiday place but now it has also become everyone's favourite place to live.

When I speak to clients in regards to the best places to live and invest on the Gold Coast my first recommendation is always Coolangatta. The area is quite simply breathtaking, with perfect north facing beaches and views to die for overlooking the magnificent skyline of the Gold Coast all the way up to Surfers Paradise.

This strip of beaches is one of only nine beaches in the word to be recognised as "World Surfing Reserve". The sheer amount of people visiting these beaches to surf, relax, swim and exercise brings a buzz around the town. The hospitality industry has flourished with boutique cafe's, funky bars, pubs, clubs, shopping and dining all on offer and with a view!

Coolangatta over the last five years has become not just a tourism hub but a business hub. In my eyes this was always going to happen. Located just a few kilometres from the Gold Coast Airport local people have realised that this is the perfect place to live as they can hop on a plane for business or leisure and with COVID19 what better place to wake up every morning.

Unlike most suburbs of the Gold Coast where the traffic is horrendous Coolangatta has direct access to the Gold Coast Hwy and M1 Motorways and the last stage of the Gold Coast Light Rail will soon link up too.

"Statistic don't lie with 19.3% growth over the past year and 40% over the last 5 years"

Coolangatta is land locked and everyone wants to live there, what does this mean? Well the land is pretty much all zoned for highrise and if you look at the buildings going up they have been tailored for owner occupiers with very large apartments with two car spaces etc, but they aren't cheap. If you can get your hands on an older style unit in a small block with no pool and low body corporate or an older house, villa or townhouse do it because these will become very sought after.

Another reason I love this area is the simple fact that when someone buys an old house they don't renovate it or put a cheap home on it, they build a mansion as you simply cannot overspend in an area like this where some people are spending 3-4 million dollars on a fancy apartment. Think of an area like Mermaid Beach 10 years ago, there were many old homes to choose from now they simply don't exist and everyone home is now a magnificent mansion or Villa.

This is area area you will look back in 10 years and say I'm glad we bought when we did. Don't be one of the many that wait for prices to go down as this is not one of those areas, the fundamentals are just too strong. Enjoy the year on year growth for years to come!

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